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Salsa dancing: also for the blind and visually impaired

Partner dancing, including salsa, is a very feasible sport:

  • You can orientate yourself in relation to your partner. He or she will make sure you can dance in a safe place and bring you back to your place afterward.
  • Dancing is movement and body control, so good for health and posture and leads to a better appearance.
  • Dancing is a social event. You get to know a lot of new people and you can expand your circle of friends.
  • You will quickly get to know new people, expanding your social network and expanding your circle of friends.
  • Dancing is a sport and, in addition to healthy exercise, also ensures body control and correct posture. This will give you a better overall look.
  • Partner dancing or couple dancing gives you something to hold on to. You can orientate yourself as a leader or as a follower to your dance partner.
  • The partner work is also useful before, during, and after the dance class, where your dance partner can safely help you move around on the dance floor or in the entire dance hall.
  • Music is an important part of the dance. Interpreting music in a dance-related way will give you the opportunity to experience music more intensely and find more pleasure in it.
  • As a visually impaired you cannot dance better or worse because of your disability. Learning to dance is the same for everyone.