Etage Tropical was the first dance school in Ghent to partner with UiTPAS.

What is UiTPAS?

The uitpas is a savings-and bonus card for freetime activities.

  • Collect points when you participate at an UiTPAS event. 
  • Exchange your points for free tickets, discounts or other gifts.
  • Receive 3 welcome points when subscribing to UiTPAS.
  • There is also a special social rate for people who are eligible for it.

What is the UiTPAS at the social rate ?

Everybody is entitled to free time activities. Also when you are financially struggling.
So we have the UiTPAS at a social rate which gives same advantages as the standard UiTPAS.

But you get an extra 80% discount when participating at an UiTPAS-event in the Ghent area.