this article was published originally in Tibsz, the member magazine from vebes

Good to know : Inclusive salsa-course

After she once went on a trip to Cuba, Michèle Martens has been teaching salsa dance for twelve years. Visually impaired and blind people are more than welcome. Her dance school Etage Tropical is located in Ghent, Ostend and Brussels, but also active in Eeklo, Oudenaarde, Aalst, Roeselare and Dendermonde.

Michèle has developed her own system. She thinks it is important that everyone can participate ‘salsa means: a mix of’. For people with a visual impairment, she uses a method that pays a lot of attention to hearing and touching. Her detailed explanations are appreciated by all students. She works with a fixed pattern and a designated dance spot. Everything is placed in such a way that you can easily find your way.

Usually, Michèle works with a system where everyone dances with everyone. You do not need to have your own dance partner.

Full movement, getting to know many people, experiencing music intensely, letting go, and enjoying: that is what Etage Tropical offers you, whether you have experience or not. Anyone who wants to get acquainted is welcomed with open arms.

On Monday evening (7 pm) there is a dance class in VGC Comenius in Koekelberg (Brussels). On Thursdays, there will be dancing in Ostend, in agreement with the sports department. For all other locations, public transport is being looked at and/or lessons are being rescheduled. Salsa lessons at your home are also possible, or digitally. Michèle, therefore, adapts where necessary.

Info:,, 0473 80 97 18