Hello Manuel,

Sometimes people come on your life path who bring about profound changes and who gives the direction in which you are going a completely new turn.

I have to be honest, without the input you gave me over the past few months, I wouldn’t be so quick to discover the things needed to gain insights into the subject:


From my side and with the rest of the dance school, we all try to give you the dance skills of the tropical dances as quickly as possible.
First of all, I would like to thank you for the commitment you have made to the dance school.
I can say that I set the bar high for you just because I feel you can, but above all want to.

The entourage of the dance school has long been aware of how you and I, are working in a place for you in our regular operation. I sincerely hope it will be a long journey.

We can say that we have become a think tank for dance for the blind and partially sighted. We think the mix is ​​very important. Inclusion is only possible in this way.

This week I’m going to practice walking with your cane for the blind. Thanks for letting me use this one. To know is to understand, to understand is to know.

Spectacular how we think almost 100% alike about many things, even though we have had to deal very quickly with misunderstanding, prejudice, fear, disinterest, and ignorance from both sides, from both the seeing world and the blind world.

I randomly pen the latest emotions and reactions to show that this comes from both worlds.

In the past year, I myself have noticed a lot of dance technical differences between sighted and non-sighted dancers. It is a fact. For followers and leaders alike.

Even though everything seems the same at first sight, that is not the case when you work in detail. The solution must and cannot be found other than together.
There is a lot of work to be done.

Here I show a simple example to the sighted dancers in a few videos. For those who want to become more aware of how to dance with a blind or partially sighted dancer.

Video one shows an interaction between you and a social dancer.
She shakes her head to say no to a question you asked. This is an automatic response from someone who sees. You obviously can’t respond to her body language. A difficult and complete dis communication.

Clip 1

In video two you can see Stéphanie, who recently assists me in regular classes. You can see that she is consciously keeping an eye on your hands to participate in it. From her an important interaction.

This is something she does unconsciously, which I didn’t command her to do. She does this as natural. Responsibility towards the dancers in the lessons and therefore without exception with you.

What do I mean by that? Every student in the class should be helped.
Keeping the “eye” on the hands is a welcome dance aid for the visually impaired and blind.
What everyone can also see is that the distance between your arm and her shoulder is a real quest for you. It is not optimal and we have to find solutions for that.

Clip 2

A wonderful challenge!
It would be an understatement not to admit that we’re just having a “great” time there. I look forward to the future.

PS. In all this, I wish to emphasize once again the commitment of Laure, who opened the door for G-function in our dance school. We often discuss the general G-function and how to place it within the regular operation. For which I would like to express my thanks and appreciation.

Op filmpje twee ziet men Stéphanie, die mij recentelijk in de reguliere lessen assisteert. Je ziet dat ze bewust je handen in het oog houdt om daarop te participeren. Van haar uit een belangrijke interactie.

Dit is iets wat ze onbewust doet, wat ik haar niet heb opgedragen. Ze doet dit als natuurlijke verantwoordelijkheid t.o.v de dansers in de lessen en dus zonder uitzondering bij jou.

Wat bedoel ik daarmee. Iedere leerling in de les dient geholpen te worden.

Voor slechtzienden en blinden is het in het “oog” houden van de handen, een welkgekomen danshulp.

Wat iedereen ook kan zien is dat de afstand tussen je arm en haar schouder een echte zoektocht voor je  is. Het is niet optimaal en daar moeten we oplossingen voor vinden.

Een heerlijke uitdaging!

Het zou een understatement zijn om niet toe te geven dat we er ons gewoon “dik” amuseren.

Ik kijk uit naar de toekomst.

Ps. In dit alles wens ik opnieuw het engagement van Laure te benadrukken, die de deur openende voor G-werking in onze dansschool. We overleggen vaak over de algemene G-werking en hoe het te plaatsen binnen de reguliere werking. Waarvoor opnieuw mijn uiterste dank.