Erik (Dieltjes), dancer at Etage Tropical since July 2021 with the diagnosis: degenerative myopia and glaucoma with 10% vision, told me that it is not easy to find something about dancing for the blind and visually impaired in Belgium. And that’s what it’s about now!

The figures for blind and partially sighted people in Belgium are known, as well as all over the world.

This site “Danceorientation“ or in short #Do is the first step towards more dancing opportunities for the blind and visually impaired, at any level, anywhere ….. just the beginning


It is primarily about the possibility of…..

publications, reflections, ideas based on life itself, the dance itself, practice,… and this with the help and input of committed people.

Supported here and there with some scientific research and publications.

But in general there is little to be found about a “dance for the blind and partially sighted”.

This site is therefore an invitation for everyone who: knows something, wants to share something about this subject, has something to say about dancing and seeing, dancing and not seeing or just wanting to come and dance!

Above all, I wish to emphasize that what I write is from a “seeing” point of view and always as a dance teacher and professional. If there are matters that you, as a blind or partially sighted person, have reservations about, I will be delighted to enter into a debate, with the aim of collecting as much information as possible for our common goal.

The translations on this site were done by Ellen Remue Jacques Guidé and Manuel Delaere for which thanks.