On October 3, 2021, I was allowed to provide “a trainer lesson” for 14 dancers – trainers for the federation “Danssport Vlaanderen” in the context of further training for G-sport within the Flemish Trainer School.

I would like to thank the federation for including through myself the debate, the need, and the future perspective of inclusive dance lessons for “blind and partially sighted people” on a meeting day.

Only by connecting, sharing, transferring knowledge, talking, debating, trying out, feeling, experiencing can we work on the subject with this initiative.

In all of this, the sole aim must be: to give the blind and partially sighted the chance to dance their way naturally on the dance floor.

That is why we have to inform sighted trainers, but above all, turn as many blind and partially sighted people as possible into dancers and possibly much more.

It is my absolute dream to one day have such a good blind dancer in the school that assisting and teaching sighted and non-sighted people will become a regular thing.

A work of years, an idea that can evolve… maybe one day we will see it completely differently.

In any case, there is nothing to stop us, the dance community, from going all out for that pursuit of…

Usually, we show you 2 videos

Clip 1

  • A sighted dancer dances modernly on the cane for the blind, while her eyes are closed.
  • Reflection afterward: “I felt safe because of the stick, the more I moved, the more I could determine the distance and dared to move further”
  • In the video you can clearly see what she means by “dare”, the technical dance moves get better and better towards the end.

Clip 2

  • A sighted dancer dances with connection against the wall as a foothold.
  • Reflection afterward: “Even though I could move based on the connection with the wall, it hindered me in my full dance expression”

Please find the link to the full presentation ( in Dutch ) :