Practical information Paspartoe

In Brussels, we partner with the Paspartoe, similar to the UiTPAS in Ghent for Brussels. Paspartoe is THE freetime card for Brussels available for everyone. Also non-Brussels residents can enjoy the advantages (except for the one at social rate). In this way, you can participate cultural, youth- and sports activities at reduced cost. Paspartoe is… Continue reading Practical information Paspartoe

Practical information UiTPAS

Etage Tropical was the first dance school in Ghent to partner with UiTPAS. What is UiTPAS? The uitpas is a savings-and bonus card for freetime activities. Collect points when you participate at an UiTPAS event.  Exchange your points for free tickets, discounts or other gifts. Receive 3 welcome points when subscribing to UiTPAS. There is… Continue reading Practical information UiTPAS

“Inclusive salsa-course”, a publication in Tibsz

this article was published originally in Tibsz, the member magazine from vebes Good to know : Inclusive salsa-course After she once went on a trip to Cuba, Michèle Martens has been teaching salsa dance for twelve years. Visually impaired and blind people are more than welcome. Her dance school Etage Tropical is located in Ghent,… Continue reading “Inclusive salsa-course”, a publication in Tibsz

Inclusion by example

Hello Manuel, Sometimes people come on your life path who bring about profound changes and who gives the direction in which you are going a completely new turn. I have to be honest, without the input you gave me over the past few months, I wouldn’t be so quick to discover the things needed to… Continue reading Inclusion by example

Danssport Vlaanderen G dance trainingday

On October 3, 2021, I was allowed to provide “a trainer lesson” for 14 dancers – trainers for the federation “Danssport Vlaanderen” in the context of further training for G-sport within the Flemish Trainer School. I would like to thank the federation for including through myself the debate, the need, and the future perspective of inclusive dance… Continue reading Danssport Vlaanderen G dance trainingday